She's a natural with a sewing machine, can stuff a rattle in 2 minutes flat and has a keen eye for color. 

She lives in a little house in Southern Indiana with an enormous garden, a picket fence and a gaggle of cats. Is that right? A peck of cats? A flock? ....Nevermind. 

Laura started sewing at the age of nine. Her mom really needed her to stop talking and focus. That was the greatest pair of shorts ever made. (her class project.) Since then, it's been all craft supplies all of the time and in 2011, Laura embarked on the adventure of a lifetime: stuffed animals. 

You can also find Laura reading copious amounts of books and news articles and tinkering with her house projects. 

She loves a boy, her family and Mexican Coke.

Let me tell you a little something about 

Laura Stantz...